New Year's Resolution

How do you know your fat loss diet failed? Is if you missed a meal? If you had an off day? An off week? Well, I can tell you that most of those you can recover from. In fact, you can recover from all of those.I started my diet in January and I wanted to end it in May for my wedding.How do I now I failed? I started my diet at 214lbs and as of April 28th, I am 217lbs.I’d say a fair and objective assessment is failure.But, I am ok with it.How the hell can I be ok with it? How does that makeRead More →


6 week Sprint to Summer Fat Loss As I write this, a blizzard just decided to roll through Minnesota where I am located and dumped 9 inches of snow. I feel mother nature is screwing with me a little.But, even if summer is not 6 weeks away, maybe it is already there, or maybe you live in the arctic and summer is just a fun thought, this article will detail out how to approach an intense six-week fat loss phase.This article is not for: First-time dieters or even someone who lacks experience with a few opportunities to diet to low body fat. Someone with disordered eating orRead More →

Craving killing pizza that doesn’t kill your diet. Is that possible?Pizza is just one of those foods that you end up craving. Its cheesy goodness is so irresistible. And of course, don’t forget the sweet sauce and amazing toppings.Pizza is commonly seen as a food that you should avoid or only eat in small amounts.  I don’t know about you but I am not a fan of eating small amounts food. The BaseThere are multiple ways to go about assembling a pizza. Personally, I like to make things a bit easier on myself so, I went with flatbread as my base. Using flatbread also helps inRead More →