New Year's Resolution

How do you know your fat loss diet failed? Is if you missed a meal? If you had an off day? An off week? Well, I can tell you that most of those you can recover from. In fact, you can recover from all of those.I started my diet in January and I wanted to end it in May for my wedding.How do I now I failed? I started my diet at 214lbs and as of April 28th, I am 217lbs.I’d say a fair and objective assessment is failure.But, I am ok with it.How the hell can I be ok with it? How does that makeRead More →


6 week Sprint to Summer Fat Loss As I write this, a blizzard just decided to roll through Minnesota where I am located and dumped 9 inches of snow. I feel mother nature is screwing with me a little.But, even if summer is not 6 weeks away, maybe it is already there, or maybe you live in the arctic and summer is just a fun thought, this article will detail out how to approach an intense six-week fat loss phase.This article is not for: First-time dieters or even someone who lacks experience with a few opportunities to diet to low body fat. Someone with disordered eating orRead More →