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I have put together a list of various products I have tried and loved as well as use on a day to day basis. I have been doing this seriously now for over 6 years and have trained for sports for a decade before that.  I've used and tried a lot of things.  The only things that make it to this page are the ones that have given myself, family, friends or clients great results.

My favorite protein powder

Best flavors around and you can create some desserts and treats that make dieting an absolute breeze. I use this everyday.  It mixes very well into just about anything from water to Greek yogurt..  You can get it at body nutrition

My favorite workout drink

​Essential amino acids have been shown in research to be better than BCAAs, and preform similar if not better than whole protein. They enter the blood stream fast and spike insulin well. All the amino acids are needed to start protein synthesis and Prime Nutrition delivers them with a great product.

Workout Prodcuts

Jump stretch bands are one of my favorite things for not only the gym but for getting in compact workouts anywhere.  They fit in my luggage, gym back, back back, anywhere anytime.  They can be used to workout just about any body part that you could want. They also have the ability to help stretch and get some mobility back after busy days of low activity.  I get them off amazon and have only broke two in 3 years so far.

 A lifting belt is something that I wear more than most but I do have some old torn ligaments in my back and I would rather take the safe than sorry belt.  I have two friends that have been in powerlifting longer moving weights much heavier than myself who love this belt. Its hard to pass up recommendations of those that rely on it and push it farther than most. The belt diameter will dictate how stiff it will be. Expect these to take some breaking in. A 10mm belt takes some breaking in and a 13 is even hard but supposedly more sturdy. For me there is no reason to go over a 10mmAmazon carries everything I want with prices I can't beat plus I can also through in more to the cart.  Someday I will buy from specialized store.

Lifting Straps are something I use every back workout, deadlifts, pull ups, rows, carries, power cleans.  I have baby grip and have no drive or motivation to want to powerlift so I truly don't care if my grip isn't amazing.  I do care about getting the most out of my workout without worrying if I am going to drop something before the rest of my body gives out. So lifting straps are where its at. I have been using these almost at least twice a week for 13 months (looking at my purchases) and they have not broke yet.

There will be a lot more added. I have a lot of books that I have read that I feel have had a strong influence on my learning.  I also use a few sites to slowly populate a home gym that has been my pet project through birthdays as well as holidays. Having a gym to get the basics done is one of the most underrated things I could of imagined when first starting out. But as time becomes a more scarce resource I appreciate it even more.

Books and other resources.

I use a variety of books and other people to learn from and I have a few of them here. These are books, programs,  that I have used and continue to use for updated information. They are some of the top in their respective fields and have some innovative ideas that are not always mainstream. I also feel there are some topics I like but will admit I do not know as much as I would like to, to write about it myself.

This book by Eric Cressey is a fantastic comilation of exercises as well as injury prevention. It focuses on performance and has some amazing testimonies. He works with some of the worlds top athletes and has some of the best knowledge when it comes to weight lifting hands down.  I have followed his writing and books for most of my lifting career.

"I'm not even done with the first week, and this is by far one of the BEST programs I've done. Your program has reasoning." Happy Customer David.

Anabolic cooking was something that I had to look into because I like to look at all aspects of diet. Now this is not something I follow still to this day but it was perfectly laid out for me to experiment with.  This type of diet is not for everyone, all the time. I still go through phases for myself and clients that use principals from this book. And the recipes alone are fantastic.  I love cooking too much to pass up a book that has 200 recipes geared more towards someone looking to shape their physique.

Eat stop Eat.  This book encompasses something I have read about and practiced and experimented with for nearly 4 years now.  Fasting is one of my favorite ways to lean out and grow. It makes my life so easy. No thoughts of food. No worrying about packing meals.  Then being able to eat more at certain times than many eat in two days.  This has enough sciences and studies to make me happy all while giving me a lot of basis to learn for adaptation to my own life. Not everyone is going to like fasting in any form, but it's something I would recommend all busy professionals to experiment with.  It will open up a lot of your life.

Greg has one of the first podcasts that I really found because I was looking for more information on intermittent fasting.  He follows much of the same processes that I have found I love. So naturally I enjoy his programs a lot. They are extremely effective especially for someone who does not have time to be in the gym all the time.  Pick up a copy here.

I hope you found this useful. Leave a comment for other product questions and I will add new resources if there is something I truly like in that area. If not I may try something out since I am always looking to experiment to find something useful for myself and others.

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