I've been lucky enough to work with and help some truly amazing people.  I want this to continue for as long as possible.  I hope you are able to find useful information and have the same great success as those I have worked with and that I have had myself. I live vicariously through the stories and progress of those I can help.

Fat loss when busy is not easy at all. Muscle gain is not easy either. Gaining strength isn't easy. In fact life is just hard when you are a busy professional.  There are ways to make it work.  We can help.

Fellow medical student with a wife and kids managed to lose 60lbs in 10 months all while going to medical school and continuing to spend time with his daughter and wife. I couldn't be happier to have helped in any way.   He continues to do an amazing job.

Kevin wrote a whole detailed write up on how he used cyclic dieting and less macro counting to make his life easier yet progress.  You can find that HERE.

​Kevin is currently in Law school and lives a very busy life.  But, we have found a way for him to continue to hit the gym and keep his diet in check. We have worked on adapting the diet to both gaining and cutting and neither require a large time investment which is important someone so busy.

diet progress

6 Weeks complete

Diet progress

Diet start

Karan is a 3rd year medical student that moved across the US and started his 3rd year of medical school. He did a 6 week diet for some quick fat loss.

"During the course of the cut, I maintained my strength as well which was quite a big thing for me, as I knew that any loss in that area would have been hard for me to put back with hospital life fast approaching." Karan

Find the full review and story here

My about page has more but this is about a 50lb difference over 4 years.  That first picture makes me shake my head.

My diet from 2015

6 weeks of dieting. Having some fun

An article going into some issues I have had HERE.

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